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The Oxford X-Reality Hub harnesses Immersive Technologies, namely Virtual and Augmented Reality, within the University of Oxford for research, innovation, the commercialisation of research outputs and the development of new skills.

Since its launch in 2017, after winning the IT Innovation Challenge, the Hub has been supporting research and teaching in Oxford across all six of the University’s Divisions.




State-of-the-art equipment is available free of charge to all members of the University. This services is a collaboration with the Radcliffe Science Library.


Regular networking events bring together researchers, students, entrepreneurs and the general public to engage with immersive technologies.


Termly and on-demand courses for everyone to learn about game engines, VR, AR and designing immersive user experiences.


Bespoke immersive applications and experiences for supporting research, enhancing public engagment and innovating teaching.



Immersive Technologies: Destination Oxford is the premier event to discover and learn from leading researchers, developers, and creators in XR.  Since 2017, the Oxford X-Reality Hub hosts a showcase event every year. This brings together researchers, students and industry leaders to Oxford to explore the use of cutting-edge technology.  Sign up now to receive the latest updates on the 2020 Annual Event.

Immersive Technologies: Destination Oxford

World-leading researchers, industry leaders, students and the public gathered at the University of Oxford to explore the use of immersive technologies. On this occasion, 200 delegates gathered at the Mathematical institute to hear keynote speeches and flash talks, as well as enjoy live demonstrations. Applications for a range of disciplines were showcased including immersive pedagogy, medical treatments, cultural heritage and robotics. Guest lectures included speakers from Unity, the game engine behind Pokemon Go, and NVIDIA, the industry leader in graphic hardware.

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Impact of VR and AR in Industry and Academia

After the first successful event proving the interest from around the university in immersive technologies, the Oxford X-Reality Hub strived to reach new highs and broaden its reach with external universities and industry in immersive technologies. 100 delegates gathered at Exeter College to hear keynote speeches from Dr Simon Julier (UCL) and Professor Mel Slater (University of Barcelona) who presented cutting edge research of immersive technologies in academia. There were show cases from industry leaders, HTC Vive and Dell.  

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VR & AR in Oxford

The first event the Oxford X-Reality hub ever organised was an experiment to find out how many people around Oxford University were using or interested in immersive technologies. We booked out a small meeting room and sold our 50 tickets a lot faster than we expected. We had presentations from academics around Oxford using immersive technologies in their research.  

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Summer School

Amputee AR Bowling

AR Bowling using the Microsoft Hololens & Myo Armband developed in Oxford over our 4 day intense Summer School.

Quantum Atomic Models in VR

Using VR to show the probability of finding an electron in quantum atomic models


sample projects we've developed


This mobile app invites audiences to take a virtual tour of University College, Oxford, experience its spaces, view its architectural transformations, and preview new building developments, bringing the college and its architectural history to life. 

university college APP


The Know your Oxford Guide to New and Prospective Students is an interactive app that relies on augmented reality and 3D elements to provide an insider’s view into student life in Oxford. It provides practical information, tours, and a guide to student life.

Know your oxford guide


This app creates a virtual library containing an anthropology collection, It enables the re-arranging of books on shelves according to different categories, and the serendipitous encounters of real library searches, promoting new research pathways and discoveries.

taylorean Library app


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